"Just one thing, my dear children, may you live and be well, I ask of you that you put away this letter for the generations. Each year, at an agreed-upon day, you should all meet and give thanks and praise to God, blessed be He, who saved your parents from this great catastrophe, and each one of you should make a generous contribution to charity. The miracle took place on Shabbes, Torah portion Ekev, the 18th day of the month of Av, 5689 [August 24, 1929], in Hebron."

Aharaon Reuven and Breine Bernzweig - 1931

Aharon Reuven Bernzweig
Breine Bernzweig

"Right after eight o'clock in the morning ... screams pierced the heart of the heavens. .. They were going from door to door, slaughtering everyone who was inside. ...  Just then, God, blessed be He, in His great mercy, sent us..."

"Megillat Chevron"
Letter from Aharon Bernzweig, Survivor of the Hebron Massacre of August 1929
Written September 2, 1929 - 27 Av 5689

Annotated Letter in English with an Introduction and Historical Notes by Meyer Greenberg (grandson) :
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"Even before I begin writing, my hand is already shaking, my head swims, and every limb is trembling. I am unable to get control of myself, because the cries are still ringing in my ears. It is one week today since we came back from the bitter tragedy. ..."  [more]

Facsimile Image of the Original Yiddish Letter  [PDF]
Typed Text of the Original Yiddish Letter [PDF]
Hebrew Translation of Letter [Abridged] [PDF]
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Hebron 1921
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